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The Nova Scotia Civil Liberties Association is dedicated to delivering effective, evidence-based information and resources that will allow Nova Scotia citizens to make informed decisions regarding their civil liberties
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The Nova Scotia Civil Liberties Association is comprised of a select group of Nova Scotia citizens from all walks of life. We have varying belief systems, work in a variety of industries and cover the entirety of the income spectrum. We are local medical doctors, lawyers, first responders, teachers, CEO's and entrepreneurs. For all the ways in which we are different, what brings us together is our passion for what it means to be Canadian, and especially Nova Scotian. We believe in facts, diversity of opinion, open debate, equality for all, informed consent, freedom and democracy. Above all, we are passionate about the civil liberties that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Bill of Rights and Constitution was founded upon.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation in our society. At a time where diversity of opinion and collaboration among experts is of utmost importance, we are seeing the opposite occur. World renowned and respected experts across a variety of disciplines are being slandered, censored and cancelled if their experiences, research and expert opinion happens to diverge from the prevailing mainstream narrative. This is not helpful, and only serves to further erode trust in the institutions we should be able to trust the most, such as Public Health. COVID tunnel vision, which is the incessant narrow focus on COVID while ignoring any negative impacts of the measures and restrictions themselves, has not only polarized people but has had profound negative impacts on all facets of our society. From deteriorating social cohesion to an increase in mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, financial crisis and a lack of healthcare for acute illnesses and preventative care such as cancer screening, the negative impacts we are facing will long outlive the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nova Scotia Civil Liberties Association has a mission to tell the whole story. Using scientific studies from around the world, we seek to inform Nova Scotians of the facts relating to COVID-19 and the response thus far so citizens have a well rounded understanding and complete context to better inform themselves and demand better from decision makers.
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